[G HERBO FEATURE] Beast Mode | A Midwest Mindset by Omega McBride

Hit the scene, so fresh, so motherf*ckin' clean
and my car so fast, it's leaving everything
I love you so momma, and thank you for everything
and you know momma, I was doing everything 

G – Herbo 

A City where the bulk of your experience is solely based on how you play your cards, Chicago is. Some of those cards have been pulled from the deck and others have been dealt but, nonetheless, Chicago will teach even the most naïve among us how to hustle and use their head in order to survive. It’s a Jungle. From Englewood to Rogers Park and back to North Lawndale on the Westside, one is liable to see or hear it all at any given moment. As well, it’s widely understood that, in the words of Wakanda’s fallen King T’Chaka, “You will speak nothing of this day” when it comes to having possibly witnessed a crime. Italian beefs w/cheese can be found on all four sides of the very intentionally sectioned off city but many have their favorite, usually convenient store or hole in the wall joints to get this neighborhood’s best dipped sandwich and a variety of different hot chip brands adorned in the same aforementioned milk derivative. Some visit and leave Shook. Others find their way, “Ball hard and rock fox furs in the winter.”

Occasionally, all of what is perfectly imperfect about Chicago, in both its urban and rural areas, somehow comes together to birth a spectacle. Take Southside of Chicago’s G Herbo, for instance. Popularly known as one of today’s most influential artists for ushering in the thunderous unveiling of Drill Music, G Herbo formerly known as Lil herb represents Everything captivating about today’s young Rap artists and the brilliant minds existing in Arts circles across the nation. Having distinguished himself aside from many of his counterparts by spinning his sound into a way to maybe not bring back lyricism but definitely making it a point of interest in acclaimed work such as: Welcome to Fazoland, which was dedicated to a fallen friend – G Herbo has become an artist that many listeners have been dying to receive a full length LP from. Throughout a consistent release of music material, mixtapes/music videos, a transparent look from the eyes of a young man who has seen an abundance of both trials and triumph is what can be heard at almost any point in listening to his material. He doesn’t mind sharing what’s really going on in the streets, along with the role he’s often played in events that have clearly accelerated and maybe even slowed down his process to the top of where he sees himself at this point in his career.

On September 22, 2017 the Southside native released his highly anticipated Debut LP – Humble Beast. The album features home grown greats Bump J, Jeremih, production from Da Internz and a handful of G Herbo’s peers. It truly comes as no surprise that G Herbo has found a way to give people a message or leave a listener thinking critically using an unorthodox play on words not usually tapped into for his genre, as well as his unapologetic delivery of uncensored scenes in which he narrates vivid pictures for his fans’ pleasure. Listen to Malcolm for the best example of this mention, as G Herbo artistically rides the beat in nostalgic fashion while introducing us to an organic character. An entrepreneur, owner/operator of 150 Dream Team, he has captured the hearts of a growing number of teens and young adults paying attention to his every move. An unprecedented amount of students who find themselves looking for a sense of direction are watching, listening, hating and taking notes in the name of this Hometown hero named Herbo. The attention could likely be far more well deserved than people even realize, as apparently both the faith he’s had in himself and graduating from the ability to be a Star to actually becoming one has strongly come together to develop a very distinct figure or rather force in the Rap game.

Recently released from jail, a report where details and facts are still pending, G Herbo is the product of a legendary city that tends to embrace those whom prove they can stay the course. Chicago wants to see if you have it in you, still, to stand tall in the face of defamation or even defeat and move forward with what you intended to do, after experiencing the beating it has for you. It’s why Chicagoans can go anywhere outside of the city and make it, having first survived its most beautiful, yet unforgiving streets.

Creativity and recognition breeds many things. However, humility is key. Internationally known Rap artist G Herbo is in the middle of putting his official stamp on the industry with big plans to put people on notice of who he really is as a true artist and why he’s here. For Chicago’s most relevant and impactful G to stay focused & tame the Beast a bit, the mode he moves in now is crucial. Fortunately for him, as he’s proven with his music – Inside, he has Everything he needs. Let’s hope someone’s around to remind him. Continue courageously!


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